Headache (1)



Headache is pain in any part of your head. Most people get headaches sometimes and most headache are not caused by serious problem and treated by simple pain relief medicine such as panadol and ibuprofen. However, headache is also can be a sign of serious disease such as a stroke. So the following simptoms then call 000 in Australia

   -  it comes on suddenly, is very severe, or has made you lose consciousness
   - you have suffered a head injury
   - you have trouble seeing, walking or speaking
   - your arms or legs feel numb
   - you have nausea or vomiting (if not clearly related to a flu or hangover)
   - you have a high fever (above 38° C)
   - you are sensitive to light and have a new rash
(ref: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/headaches)

Headache can be divided into Primary headaches and Secondary headacheds.

Primary headaches are migrane, tension-type headaches, cluster headaches and miscellaneous headaches. Secondary headache disorders are headaches associated with head trauma, vascular disorders, non-vascular intracranial disorder, substances or their withrawal, non-cephalic infection, and others. 

Causes of headache

Headaches caused by a lot of reasons. However, it is caused by mainly stress and dehydration, and some stomach issue such as indigestion. 


How headaches are classified in Eastern Medicine. 

In the Eastern Medicine, headaches comes from Wind(風), Cold(寒), Dampness(濕), Heat(熱), Phlegm(痰), Indigestion(食鬱), Energy and Blood deficiency(氣虛血虛)

Therefore, to fix a chronic headache which comes from circulation of 氣(기, Chi, Qi) and Blood, we help the circulation of 氣(기, Chi, Qi) and Blood to remove pain automatically. Furthermore, we release the stagnation of Liver energy,  remove phlegm when combined with dizziness, release wind-heat if it causes the pain.

How acupuncture may help for headaches

Acupuncture can be used to various headaches caused by Wind(風), Cold(寒), Dampness(濕), Heat(熱), Phlegm(痰), Indigestion(食鬱), Energy and Blood deficiency(氣虛血虛). It may takes a few sessions to remove headache. Sometimes it will be more effective with herbal medicine to treat a certain headache.

TaiYang acupuncture point (2 ~3 cm next to the outer corner of the eye)  is a good point for massage when you have a headache. 


Health with Him Acupuncture Clinic provides acupuncture and herbal medicine service for the headaches including chronic headache and migraine.