Headache (2)


Headache(2) - in the top of the head

In the eastern medicine, the headache can be caused by several reasons. However, it is all about Energy 氣(기, Chi, Qi) and blood flow.

One interesting headache is called 厥陰(궐음, Jue Yin) headache. This headache only happens on the top of the head.

Headache_JueYin Headache_1

Causes of this headache

This headache is called as JueYin Headache according to the meridian theory. It also called Top headache (정두통). 

The reason for this headache can be deficient of Liver blood, Liver Yang rising, or deficiency of Energy(기, Chi, Qi) and Blood.  When the deficient of Liver blood, the headache become dull achy sensation. When Liver Yang rising, the headache can be more sharp pain.  It can also affect back of the eye and make eye pain with dull or sharp pain


How acupuncture may help

 headache in the top of the head

For 궐음(Jue Yin) headache, acupuncture points are can be chosen generally Liver meridian and supporting meridian. However, acupuncture points can be different for each person because everybody has different status in terms of Energy(기, Chi, Qi) and Blood. If the headache caused by deficiency of Liver blood, then acupuncture point will be chosen to tonify Liver blood and move the Liver blood to the top of the head. If the headached caused by Liver Yang rising, then acupuncture point will be chosen to reduced Liver Yang and remove the caused of Liver Yang rising. 


Health with Him Acupuncture Clinic (Camberwell) provides acupuncture service for headaches.  However, headaches are severe, then first call 000 for emergency.