Real Acupuncture


Acupuncture by Oriental Medicine Theory. 

Helping the flow of Energy (氣 - 기, Chi, Qi) to heal

Done by AHPRA registered Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practitioners


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True & Powerful Acupuncture


By Using 5 Elements theory in our body

(木Wood, 火Fire, 土Earth, 金Metal, 水Water) 

Our body Energy (氣) will be modified by the acupuncture and be balanced, so that our body will heal itself as true & powerful way. 

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Traditional Herbal Medicine


We provide Granulated Traditional Herbal Medicine. 

No artificial chemical

Natural product helps our body fight against.


Let's boost our body with herbal medicine


We Treat, He Heals


 Human comes from the nature.

The nature was created by Him.

We treat people with acupuncture.

He heals people with His power.

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Health with Him Acupuncture Clinic (Camberwell) is for

people who want to have a high quality of life and improve their current health status. 
We are located at Camberwell Junction, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and provide services to surrounding area including Camberwell, Hawthorn East, Balwyn, Kew, Canterbury, Surrey Hills.
We help all kinds of health related issues with high quality of acupuncture service and herbal medicine.

Do we need acupuncture?


In our body, energy(氣-기, Chi, Qi)  and blood flows. If they are not flowing well, some pain or disease occurs. Acupuncture helps the energy and blood to flow freely and help preventing and curing disease.


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What is Herbal Medicine?


Traditional Eastern Herbal Medicine is like food supplements, made of all natural herbs and mineral. It can be a good alternative medicine where current western medicine cannot help.


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Does Moxibustion help?


Moxibustion is a great weapon with acupuncture and helps to promote Energy (氣-기,Chi,Qi) and Blood movement our body to chronic  illness.


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What is Cupping?


Cupping provides a negative pressure in the skin area.  It promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.



Is Ear Acupuncture another acupuncture?


It is called Auricular Acupuncture (Ear acupuncture). This can be combined with the general body acupuncture or alone to help reduce drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms, stress, or anxiety


Is Tui-Na Massage help?


Tui-na is a manual therapy, similar to shiatu, to help energy moving in meridians and muscles. It relieves muscles tension and reduces pain.



Acupuncture treatment helps move Energy (氣) and Blood in our body to prevent our body from diseases.


If you loose wealth, you loose small, 

If you loose dignity, you loose a lot,

If you loose health, you loose everything

- The Precious Mirror of Bright Mind -