PAIN - Whole Body Pain & Numbness

Generally, pain is caused by Energy and Blood (氣 and 血) stagnation. It can be described with many different words such as dull ache, sharp pain, numbness, tingling, etc. Especially, numbness and tingling in the whole body cause by Energy and Blood stagnation. In the Eastern Medicine, Energy and Blood circulate well in our body we do not have pain. However, We get some kinds of pain if Energy and Blood are not circulate well. 


Basically, you can do exercise, yoga, good diet, ...   to solve this pain. Or you also can take pain killer medicine to stop the pain itself not fixing the root cause. First please talk to your GP, if you still have pain even though you are perfectly okay. Then please talk to your acupuncturist or traditional eastern medicine practitioner (It is called as Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Australia)


Acupuncture helps you by moving Energy and Blood  (氣 and 血) in your body to remove pain.