Headache(2) and Stress


Headache(2) and Stress

Stress causes headache. Not 100% but it is reasonably right. Generally, stress causes all sort of problem in the body because stress blocks Energy(氣:기, Chi, Qi) and Blood(血:혈, Xue) movement in our body. 

The headache comes from stress is generally tension-type headache which has dull and aching pain. It also has tightness in the head (forehead, side, and back of the head) and tenderness in the scalp, neck and shoulder. This kind of headache comes from lack of Energy and blood flowing to the head. 

If the stress continues, it consumes Energy and Blood and causes other type of headache.

Energy (氣, 기, Chi, Qi) deficient headache

Energy deficient headache happens due to Energy deficiency which commonly happens by lower blood pressure or digestive issues. It sometimes happens after overworking or over-drinking. 

This kind of headache has symptoms of tiredness, pain on the side of eyes (temporal area). If it is severe, it cause excruciating pain in the eyes. It may causes dizziness when standing up quickly after sitting down. you may feel both shoulder heavy and pain like pressure. It may have tinnitus as well. 

This kind of Energy deficient headache may happens to the old, the weak, and students. People who have stress all the time may also has this kind stress because stress consumes Energy quickly. 


How acupuncture can help to reduce the headache

If the headache causes by the deficiency of Energy(氣:기, Chi, Qi) and Blood(血:혈, Xue), then acupuncture should be applied to improve Energy and Blood, and move the Energy and Blood to the head so that the head can be nourished by Energy and Blood. 

In this case, herbal medicine can be used together with acupuncture to tonify the Energy and Blood. Ginseng is a good herbal medicine to tonify Energy(氣:기, Chi, Qi) 


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