Stress Management


Stress Management

"Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure." according to mental health foundation. 

Everybody has stress and most people are okay with a light stress. Well, there are a lot of ways to remove or prevent from stress. You can search through internet. You will find so many method or ways to relieve from stress. 

However, why are we still in or under stress which causes a lot of problem in our body. 


How do we describe the stress and manage the stress?

Stress is a kind of pressure in the atmosphere or feelings which our body respond about. Therefore, strong body can resist the stress, right? Yes, it is right. Healthy body can resist from stress longer than weaker body.  However, some strong people can also have stress that affect their body and their routine daily life. 

Therefore, stress can be a response of our body about the things or feeling that we are facing.  People might think that stress is all about the mental issue. NO, stress is not only mental issue but also body health issue. 

How Easter Medicine sees the stress. 

Stress can be represented by anger, anxiety, worries, sorrow, fear, etc.  Eastern Medicine thinks that each human feeling governed by each organ in our body such as Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Lung, etc. Therefore if one or more organ in our body become weaker than normal, then we are highly likely to be affected by the our feeling and outside atmosphere.


How acupuncture may help for stress management

Acupuncture can help our body to balance Yin and Yang, and boost each organ using the related meridian in our body. Generally, stress cause the blockage of Energy and blood flow, so acupuncture (LI4, LR3) can be used to move or invigorate Energy (氣, 기, Chi, Qi) and blood. 

Acupuncture points may be different from each other because the sources of stress are different from each other. Acupuncture doesn't use chemical. It just boost and help each organ which related to the stress. That is how acupuncture may help for the stress management. 


Health with Him acupuncture clinic (Camberwell) provides acupuncture services for Stress Management.